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Acute Indigestion

If you're suffering from acute indigestion then you really must start treating your acute acid reflux from the cause rather than just continually masking your symptoms with antacids. It doesn't matter whether you're getting these treatments over the counter or from your doctor, they are not in any way curing your infection. All they will do is make it worse, and cause long term health problems.

If you want to start curing your acute indigestion from today then visit Bob Barton's natural cure for Indigestion. You'll learn how to cure your acid reflux from the root cause instead of robbing your body of valuable nutrients by taking antacids all the time.

Antacids and your acute indigestion

When you're using antacids all the time they don't do your body any good. While you're doctor will be happy to keep on prescribing proton pump inhibitors such as Losec, Zegerid and Prilosec, these drugs have side effects especially if they are used long term. What these drugs do is neutralize the acid in your stomach so you don't suffer from your indigestion. But your stomach needs acid so you can digest your food properly, and to kill bacteria and yeasts that you swallow. If you keep on using these drugs then you'll suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can lead to osteoporosis and other serious conditions. If you're continually swallowing yeasts that are not getting killed by your stomach acid then you'll suffer from intestinal fungus eventually.

You must treat the cause of your problem, and most acid reflux is not caused by too much stomach acid. As you get older your stomach starts producing less acid, not more, and less acid can cause indigestion as well. If you keep on taking antacids then your stomach will slowly start producing even less acid and then you'll need to take more drugs. It just leads you into a vicious cycle which is what most drugs do. You end up needing to take drugs to counteract the side effects of other drugs.

Watch the foods you're eating

It is a good rule to start watching the foods you eat so you can see what foods are causing your acute indigestion. But if your stomach is not producing enough acid then most foods will cause your acute acid reflux so that is not going to help you that much. If it is all foods then you at least know there is a definite underlying cause for your acute GERD.

Do you smoke?

Smokers can suffer form regular indigestion because of the effects of nicotine on their body. Smoking decreases the strength of the esophageal valve, and this allows acid from your stomach to spit up into your esophagus. When this valve is relaxed then anything can pass up into your esophagus that normally wouldn't. This is includes gas which is why you burp/belch more often.

Treating your indigestion naturally

When you cure your acute indigestion naturally you treat it from the root cause. A natural cure works with your body so that your body functions better. It doesn't start eliminating things from your body such as stomach acid so you no longer suffer form your symptoms. Your internal health becomes stronger, and that is what's important.

If you keep on going the way you are you're just going to be spending hundreds of dollars or even thousands on unnecessary antacids and other drugs. You can start reversing what has happened to your body in a very short space of time when you get the right help. Once you get to the cause of your acute acid reflux then you'll no longer need to take any type of medication for your problem. And your health is going to improve when your body starts functioning how it's suppose too.

Bob Barton has helped thousands of sufferers just like you. And he can start helping you from today. Just visit his site at Bob Barton's Natural Indigestion Cure. Watch the video ( it looks funny at first ), and then make your decision. Get well soon.

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