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If You've Used Antibiotics And Still Have A UTI

If you've used antibiotics and still have a UTI you're not alone. This is happening to more women every day, and the reason is the antibiotics themselves. If they haven't cured your urinary tract infection it's because the E coli that is infecting your urethra and bladder is resistant to the anti bacterial drug. All that is happening now is, the antibiotics are making your infection worse.

Resistant E coli

If you've used antibiotics a lot in the past it doesn't take long for the E coli that lives naturally in your bowel to build up a resistance to them. This means that when you need to use antibiotics to cure a urinary tract infection they no longer have any effect on them.

Another reason that the E coli can become resistant is when antibiotics have been used, and the course wasn't finished. This allows the E coli that survived to mutate into a resistant bacteria.

The overuse of antibiotics is causing this problem, and the sad thing is you don't even need antibiotics to cure your UTI, you don't need any drugs to cure your urinary tract infection.

Your immune system

Antibiotics also weaken your immune system, and your body's natural ability to fight infections. Your body has a colony of friendly bacteria living in your intestines, and these beneficial bacteria keep your immune system strong. Antibiotics will completely wipe out your friendly bacteria, and this can cause your immune system to become weak. If your immune system is week then your body's natural ability to fight infections disappears. This is one reason why the antibiotics don't work because your body can't prevent a reoccurrence of the infection.

Your body also becomes reliant on antibiotics to fight infections when you have used them often enough. Your body learns that as soon as you get an infection you're going to use antibiotics so it doesn't fight the infection naturally like it would in a healthy person.

UTI natural cure

If you've used antibiotics and still have a UTI the good news is there is a very successful alternative treatment you can use. And its success rate is a lot higher than antibiotics. Urinary tract infections will need a second course of antibiotics in around 60% of cases. A UTI home remedy will cure around 98% of infections first time, and you have no chance of the E coli becoming resistant to the home cure.

A UTI home cure doesn't need to kill the E coli like antibiotics do, it creates an environment in your urinary tract that the E coli can't stand living in, and then you can easily flush the E coli out of your urethra and bladder. This process only takes 12 hours as opposed to a week of unsuccessful antibiotics. Your immune system gets a boost also instead of being weakened as well because you're only putting natural products in your body that you can buy at your local grocery store.

Mary Jo Barton has created the 12 hour UTI home cure that will also teach you how to prevent further infections, and you'll learn why you was getting the infections in the first place. You can read more information about her cure here - 12 Hour UTI Home Remedy.

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