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Antibiotics To Cure A Bladder Infection

Do you always need antibiotics to cure a bladder infection? Even though this is the only medication your doctor will prescribe to cure your bladder infection you do have alternatives that don't have any side effects. This page will tell you about the pros and cons of antibiotics and herbal and natural cures for your bladder infection, UTI or cystitis.

This article isn't to tell you to ignore the advice of your doctor but is intended to just show you that you have a choice when it comes to your good health, and you need good health to combat bladder infections.

Herbal bladder infection cures and your immune system

The strength of your immune system is important when it comes to successfully curing your bladder infection. No cure will work if your immune system can't stop the infection from returning. If any bacteria or fungus in your body will return if your body has a weakness in it natural defenses. A herbal cure for your bladder infection will strengthen your immune system so your body has the strength to naturally fight your bladder infection.

Antibiotics will weaken your immune system especially if you have taken them on numerous occasions. If you have taken them for infections before your body also becomes reliant on them to fight the infections so your body can't do it on its own any more. Herbal bladder infection cures remove the need for antibiotics to fight your infections.

Causes of bladder infections

One of the biggest causes of bladder infections is antibiotics. With continual use the either in adulthood or as a child causes the E coli bacteria to become resistant and stronger. Antibiotics also weaken all of your body's natural defenses so it becomes easy for you to be infected on a regular basis.

As well as weakening your immune system antibiotics also upset the natural bacterial balance in your body. When this balance is upset it can be easy for you to get any type of bacterial or fungal infection. This is why antibiotics are also the biggest cause of yeast infections.

Bladder infection natural cures

If you want to avoid another course of antibiotics then you have 2 good bladder infection natural cures that you can use successfully cure your infection.

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If you would rather purchase a program to cure your bladder infection you can read more information on Mary Jo Barton's natural bladder infection cure here.

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