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Are yeast infections contagious

Are yeast infections contagious? If you're suffering from a fungal infection of the vagina or the penis and you have sexual intercourse then you'll pass the infection on to your partner. Yeast infection are caused by an aggressive fungus that is feeding on the skin sells of your body, and these fungi will love you to put them on a body with fresh skin cells to feed on.

Drug resistant yeast infections

If you're treating your yeast infection with an anti fungal cream such as Monistat then you're going to pass on a fungus to your partner that hasn't been properly treated. For your partner to kill the fungus you have passed on they will need to carry on with the treatment with you. If they don't then they will start suffering from a drug resistant yeast infection.

Once the fungus has been exposed to the treatment and the treatment hasn't been used until the infection is cured then the fungus will just grow resistant and more aggressive.

Yeast infection keeps coming back

One of the reasons a yeast infection can keep coming back is because it is continuously being passed back by your partner. They may not be suffering from any symptoms, but because they have the fungus then your body might not be able to cope with it as well as their's. For some people, the symptoms of a yeast infection can take longer to arise because the infection doesn't spread as quickly on their body.

It will depend on how strong their immune system is, and how much beneficial bacteria they have on their body that is keeping the fungus under control.

You only have to wait seven days

If you treat your yeast infection correct ky then you'll only have to wait 7 days before you can have sexual intercourse again. Sex can aggravate an infection as well as pass it on to your partner.

Chronic Yeast Infections.

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