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If Your Bladder Infection Will Not Go Away

There can be a few reasons that your bladder infection will not go away. These are explained in detail below.

The bladder infection is immune to your medication

If you have taken a lot of antibiotics for your infection or during your lifetime then the E coli bacteria causing your chronic bladder infections can now be immune to the medication. Over use of antibiotics causes bacteria and fungus to mutate so it becomes stronger, and then makes the medication ineffective. Bacteria can easily adapt to their environment even if its an environment that kills them, they will mutate so they can survive. This is why we now have super bugs in hospitals, because the bacteria in hospitals are continually mutating in their fight against the stronger antibiotics that are used.

Your immune system

Your immune system needs to be strong to help your body naturally fight off bladder infections, and keep them away once they have been treated. No cure will work if your immune system is low, and if you have been using antibiotics a lot in the past then they could have weakened your immune system. Other medication you may have taken could weaken your immune system as well or a diet that lacks nutrition.

Your intestinal flora

If your bladder infection will not go away it can be because of a bacterial imbalance in your intestines. This will mean that infection causing bacteria will overpopulate your body, and your friendly bacteria will struggle to keep the bad bacteria under control. Your friendly bacteria is one of your body's natural defenses against bacteria, fungus and other pathogens. Once your levels get low these infection causing microbes easily take over, and can start causing any type of infection as well as recurrent bladder infections.

Natural bladder infection cures

Natural cures for urinary tract infections do the complete opposite to what antibiotics will do. They don't kill the E coli, they flush it out. There's no need to kill the bacteria, and this means that there is no risk of creating a drug resistant E coli, and no risk of recurrent infections. Natural bladder infection cures also...

  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Encourage the re-growth of friendly bacteria
  • Flush out your bladder so that it is fully empty when you urinate
  • Strengthen your urinary tract
  • Help your body fight your bladder infection naturally

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