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Can A yeast Infection Be Cured By Diet Alone

A lot of yeast infection suffers wonder if their Candida overgrowth can be cured by diet alone as what you eat is the main thing that feeds the yeast that is infecting your body. If however, you do try and starve the Candida hoping it will die off it will continue to feed on the cells of your body. These are the skin cells in and around your vagina, and the cells that make up the walls of your digestive tract. Until you actually try and kill the yeast it will find a way of surviving in and on your body.

Killing the yeast

Apart from just starving the yeast you will need to kill it also. The mutated Candida is now a fungus and fungi can easily adapt to practically any surroundings. They will find food and skin cells to feed on even if you're eating an anti Candida diet. You need to back up your diet with natural anti fungals that will kill off the starving yeast. This speeds up your recovery time, and will also aid in the re-growth of your friendly bacteria colony.

The cause of your yeast infection

As well as killing the yeast you will need to find the cause of your Candida overgrowth. This is another reason why diet alone won't cure your infection. If you're suffering from an underlying illness or health condition you will need to treat these first before any Candida cure will work. All yeast infections start for a reason. Most women are luck in the fact that their immune system helps to rid their body of the yeast when they treat their infection with an anti fungal cream.

Repopulating you intestines with friendly bacteria

Your intestines will need to be repopulated with friendly bacteria. The Candida overgrowth will have wiped out your colony of friendly bacteria, and this is part of the reason why your body has become infected in the first place. Your friendly bacteria are needed for a healthy immune system, and all these things need to be addressed to successfully rid your body of the mutated yeast. Just relying on you diet to do all of these will take a very long time if it works at all.

Getting help

Some yeast infection sufferers need help in ridding their body of the mutated yeast. Depending on the severity of your yeast infection it can take some time, and also mistakes that are made can reverse your progress.

Linda Allen is a health writer and a one-time chronic yeast infection sufferer who has helped tens of thousands of yeast infection sufferers worldwide. Trying to control the growth of fungus in and on your body is not easy. Getting the correct help can be the difference in treating yourself for weeks or months. Linda's help will also allow you to find out what has caused your infection, and this alone will speed up the time in which it takes to cure your infection.

You can find out more information, and read testimonials of former yeast infection sufferers who have successfully used Linda Allen's help here - Linda Allen's Natural Cure For Yeast Infections.

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