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Can A Yeast Infection Cause Bloating

Can a yeast infection cause bloating? This is a question asked by many women because these two symptoms do commonly go together. The Candida yeast that is causing your vaginal infection is the same fungus that is causing your bloating. The fungus is feeding in your intestines, and the food you eat is feeding the fungus, and this is where you need to start treating your yeast infection from.

If you'#re suffering from stomach bloating and a yeasts infection then you have fungus in your digestive tract that needs to be eliminated as soon as possible. The fungus will slowly destroy your health as it feed on the walls of your digestive tract. Linda Allen has cured around 98% of over 100,000 yeast infections that were either in the intestines, drug resistant and/or chronic. Linda can be helping you completely eliminate the fungus from your digestive tract from today. Just visit her site at Linda Allen's Natural Cure For Yeast Infections and discover how you can get your good health back.

Candida overgrowth

If you're suffering from a yeast infection and bloating then your body is suffering from Candida overgrowth. The Candida yeast which has now mutated into a fungus is a gas forming bacteria, and this will cause your bloating. Your vaginal yeast infection is just one symptom of your intestinal yeast infection.

See your doctor first

Before you self diagnose yourself as having a yeast infection it's important you see your doctor for a correct diagnosis. He can also make sure your bloating isn't caused by anything else. Even if you're suffering from a vaginal infection and bloating don't automatically assume you have a yeast infections.

Your intestinal yeast infection

When your doctor has diagnosed your yeast infection you can go about curing yourself. Many women will head straight for a tube of anti fungal cream thinking this will cure them, but it won't. The reason why it won't is, the Candida in your intestines that is causing your bloating will not get cured with a vaginal anti fungal cream. This is why so many women now suffer from chronic yeast infections, because they are not treating their yeast infection from the cause.

Successfully curing your bloating

To successfully cure your yeast infection and your bloating you need to attack the mutated Candida yeast from the inside. This means you need to...

  • Starve the yeast
  • Kill the yeast
  • Encourage the re-growth of friendly bacteria in your intestines
  • Strengthen your immune system

If you haven't tried the anti fungal cream way yet, you can, as this will be the advice from your doctor. If you want to successfully rid your body of the Candida yeast you have two other options. There are more than two, but I'm recommending the two that get the best feedback, and both have a high success rate.

Recommended stomach yeast infection cures

Linda Allen has an anti Candida program that will rid your stomach and the rest of your body of the mutated Candida yeast. This is by far the best selling natural yeast infection cure on the internet, and the reason why is Linda's success rate. The success rate of Linda Allen's natural yeast cure is over 97%. And this amounts to tens of thousands of one-time yeast infections sufferers worldwide.

To learn more about Linda's natural yeast cure just click here for Linda Allen's Natural Cure For Yeast Infections.

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