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Can Antibiotics Give You Yeast Infection

If only more men and women asked the question, can antibiotics give you a yeast infection? It's not just yeast infections that antibiotics cause, they are the biggest cause of most bacterial and fungal infections. Knowing before hand could save so many people from suffering from chronic yeast infections, and other bacterial infections.

Bacteria build up a resistance

It doesn't matter what you've been prescribed the antibiotics for, over a period of time all the bacteria in your body will start to build up a resistance to them. Not only do the bacteria build up a resistance to the antibiotics, but they become harder to kill with other anti fungals as well. Bacteria and fungus learn to adapt to their surrounding very quickly, and they're good at surviving.

Antibiotics cause yeast infections and weaken your immune system

As well as the bacteria in your body building up a resistance to the antibiotics the antibiotics suppress your immune system also. Your immune system is your body's natural defense system that helps to protect you from infections. So your body has a weaker immune system, and stronger bacteria and fungus to deal with.

Your natural bacterial flora

Your body has a natural bacterial balance. You have friendly bacteria in your intestines, and living on your skin that keep the infectious bacteria and fungus under control.

How many courses of antibiotics have you taken?

The more courses of antibiotics you have taken the more chance you have of them causing all of the problems above. Many people take one or two courses and carry on live their life infection free. Everyone is different, and if you're one the the men or women now suffering from chronic yeast infections caused by antibiotic use then you should consider a natural yeast infection cure.

Natural cures if your yeast infection is caused by antibiotics

Natural cures will get your body back into the condition it was once in. You will rid your body of the Candida yeast, repopulate your digestive tract with friendly bacteria and strengthen your immune system. They do everything anti fungal drugs can't, and that's heal you from the inside.

An excellent natural yeast infection cure program is Linda Allen's Natural Cure For Yeast Infection

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