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Can Using An OTC Cause A Yeast Infection

Can using an OTC cause a yeast infection? This is a strange question because there are many women who actually use an over the counter yeast infection cure when they're not suffering from a yeast infection. This article explains why this isn't a good thing to do to yourself.

Mutating Candida

When you apply an over the counter anti fungal treatment to your vagina when you don't have a yeast infection you can cause things to start happening. One of these is causing the harmless Candida Albicans yeast to mutate.

The yeast will mutate to defend itself against the treatment you're using to kill it. Then once it has mutated into a fungus it will begin to become resistant because the over the counter treatment will make the fungus stronger. Fungi naturally adapt to their environments, so if you're creating a bad environment the fungus will adapt to it.

Maybe it's a preventative

Maybe some women use this method thinking that it will keep their vagina yeast free, but that's the last thing that will happen. Your vagina is self cleaning, there's no need for any creams just like there's no need to douche. You don't want to start applying anything that will upset your vagina's natural PH or bacterial balance which is what creams and douching do.

Only apply a cream to your vagina when you need to

You should only apply any anti fungal treatment to your vagina when you need to. You can create a resistant Candida that could cause you problems for a long time, and lead you down a road of using more powerful anti fungal drugs. Once the anti fungal creams stop working if you don't want to cure your yeast infection naturally your doctor will start prescribing oral anti fungal drugs. Then you could end up with drug resistant fungus in your intestines.

Using an OTC can cause a yeast infection even when you wasn't going to get one. I'm sure you don't want to be one of those women.

If you want to stay yeast infection free then eat a healthy diet rich in nutrients so you keep your immune system strong. Also eat a diet that is low in sugar and refined Carbohydrates.

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