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Prevent A Yeast Infection When Taking Antibiotics

You can save your health a lot of damage if you learn how to prevent a yeast infection when taking antibiotics. So many men and women suffer after a course of antibiotics, and it could have been prevented if someone had explained what antibiotics can do to their bodies when they were prescribed them.

What antibiotics do to you

Antibiotics are usually prescribed for a bacterial or fungal infection. When they kill the bacteria causing the infection they also kill all the friendly bacteria in your body. Your friendly bacteria is there to help you fight off infections like yeast infections, so when the antibiotics kill your friendly bacteria your body can't fight off the repopulating, mutating Candida yeast.

Antibiotics also weaken your immune system which is another form of defense against infections. Without your friendly bacteria, and your immune system weakened you could end up with a yeast infection.

Not everyone who takes antibiotics gets infected with the mutated Candida yeast. You're more likely to get a yeast infection if you have taken courses of antibiotics in the past. The Candida naturally living in your body will eventually become resistant to the antibiotics. So when everything is killed off it's the only bacteria left, and it will mutate as soon as possible. Plus your immune system takes a battering with the continual use of antibiotics over a period of time.

Preventing a yeast infection

To help yourself prevent a yeast infection when taking antibiotics you can do a few things. You can cut as much sugar and refined carbohydrates out of your diet as possible, and if you can cut them out altogether. The Candida yeast loves these foods, and they will repopulate your intestines faster when you're feeding them.

You can also supplement your diet with probiotics. Threelac is by far the best probiotic you can take as it will survive the journey past your stomach acid, and into your intestines. This is where you need your probiotics to get to, and almost all cheap probiotics never get this far. Threelac is micro-encapsulated so it survives the journey, and then gets to work in your intestines feeding on the Candida and other micro-organisms.

If you keep your new diet up even after you have prevented a yeast infection your health will benefit from it massively. You'll lose a few pounds when you cut the sugar out of your diet, and the probiotics will make your intestines function a lot better. Your digestion will improve and so will your vitality.

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