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Diet For Six Pack Abs

A diet for six pack abs is being sought after by thousands of people every day who are looking for ways to burn that excess fat from their stomach. Fat burning foods are what everyone wants because they having trouble losing their last few pounds of fat that always hang around the mid section. This is the hardest place to lose fat, and always the last. The truth is though, to burn fat from your stomach, all you have to do is eat healthy foods, and eat them at the right time of he day.

Don't skip meals

Skipping meals is the quickest way to start covering your stomach in a layer of fat. Once you go too long without eating food your body goes into starvation mode, and this will force it to start storing fat. It does this so your body has natural resources to feed on when you're not eating.

When you skip meals your body will start naturally burning off your muscle first because muscle burns more calories than fat so your body gets rid of muscle first. Once your muscles get smaller your body burns less calories, and this causes your metabolism to slow down, and then you get fatter.

This all comes from skipping meals, and is not in any way part of a diet for 6 pack abs. This is why appetite suppressant pills are a waste of money, and they will eventually make you fatter.

Your diet for six pack abs

Your diet for six pack abs will consist of 6 meals a day. So if you're now eating 3 meals a day ( breakfast, lunch and dinner ) like most people do, you're not going to start eating more. You'll just need to cut your portions in half so you're eating the same amount of calories, but you'll now be eliminating that " starvation mode" from your body.

When you eat 6 meals a day your body will learn that it no longer needs to store any fat because it will know that it's going to get more food within the next 3 hours.

Your metabolic rate

When you eat more regularly your metabolic rate rises because you're continually feeding your muscles, and your body is no longer feeding on them because of the lack of meals in your day.

What you should eat

All you need to do is eat 6 healthy meals a day starting with a breakfast, and that should be eaten within an hour of waking up. Your first meal kicks your metabolism into gear, and then the starvation mode just doesn't happen. A lot of people think a diet for six pack abs starts with skipping breakfast because they think they're going to be burning fat, but this isn't what happens.

All you need to do is avoid junk food and processed foods. Eat as much natural food as possible. That's...

  • Nuts and grains
  • Meat and fish
  • Vegetables
  • fruit

All these foods have the fiber, protein, fat, carbs and nutrient your body needs to function. They give you the vitality to exercise because without exercise, a diet for six pack abs is useless.

Want more tips on getting perfect six pack abs

See what Robyn ( below ) achieved with the right diet and exercise program in 12 weeks. Robyn set a new record for the Turbulence Challenge program, and if she can achieve those results then you can as well. Just 45 minutes 3 times a week is all you need to boost metabolism and burn fat.

Read more about the program that Robyn followed here - Turbulence Training.

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