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Do I Have To Finish My Yeast Infection Medication

A high percentage of women who cure the symptoms of their yeast infection ask this question because they think that it's ok to finish using their yeast infection medication. This can be a huge mistake when it comes to curing your yeast infection, and lead you down the road of chronic yeast infections.

Over the counter yeast infection medications work in the same way as antibiotics, apart from easing your symptoms they kill the Candida yeast in your vagina. Although you will cure your symptoms within a few days it's important to finish the course of anti fungal cream or suppositories.

Resistant Candida

If you stop your treatment before the course has finished you will create a Candida yeast that is resistant to the medication you're using. This will not only cause your yeast infection to becomes recurrent, but you'll have more difficulty curing your next yeast infection when your yeast is resistant to one type of medication.

Listen to your doctor

If you get a prescription from your doctor for an anti fungal medicine it's important that you use the medication exactly how he tells you to use it. If your symptoms have gone after three days and the medication is a seven day course then you will need to use the medication for the full seven days.

Recurrent yeast infections

Thousands of women now suffer from recurrent yeast infections because they never finished the course of their very first yeast infection treatment. If they had, that first yeast infection could have been their last. Please don't be one of those women.

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