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Do You Have To Take Antibiotics For UTI

Do you have to take antibiotics for a UTI? If you've been struggling to cure your infection with antibiotics or you just want to treat your urinary tract infection with something else then the good news is you can use a home remedy. Many women are now turning to home treatments for a UTI because of the effects antibiotics is having on their health.

Antibiotics and your health

While antibiotics have their place in medicine, a urinary tract infection can easily be cured without them. Antibiotics are also now the biggest cause of yeast infections and some women find that they are suffering from a yeast infection straight after they have treated their bladder infection. This then means they have to take more drugs that are playing a role in weakening their health.

Antibiotics also take a long time to cure your urinary tract infection compared to a home remedy. And they are also a lot more expensive, especially if you have to take more than one course. For some women the cost of their treatment can run into the hundreds of dollars.

12 Hour UTI Cure

A UTI home remedy can cure your infection in as little as 12 hours. The reason it works so fast is the bacteria in your urethra, and the rest of your body id not killed off. It is just flushed out when you change the environment in your urine. When you take a course of antibiotics you have to take them long enough so you kill all of the bacteria in your body so that none of it becomes resistant.

With a natural urinary tract infection treatment you just flush the bacteria out, and there is no need to kill it therefore you don't cause it to become resistant.

Mary Jo Barton

Mary Jo Barton has helped thousands of UTI sufferers cure their infection without the need to take any antibiotics. Not only does Mary's treatment work in 12 hours, but you'll learn how to boost your immunity so you don't suffer from any more infections. You'll also save money when you're not purchasing any more antibiotics.

For much more information, and customer testimonials on a successful natural urinary tract infection treatment you can visit - Mary Jo Barton's UTI natural cure here.

Get well soon.

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