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Fluconazole And Miconazole Disclaimer

Dear Friend, is not in any way condemning the use of Fluconazole and Miconazole as cures to kill fungus. The intention if this site is to let people know that killing fungus is in no way a prevention for yeast infections. The prevention of a yeast infection comes long before the fungus is formed. The Candida Albicans yeast that lives in your body all the time mutates into fungus, and your body can prevent this from happening without any drugs.

These anti fungal drugs don't prevent Candida from mutating, they just kill the fungus after it has mutated.

If you doctor tells you to stay on Diflucan and/or Miconazole long term then that choice is yours, but this web site is just to educate you in the fact that yeast infections can be prevented without any long term drug use.

Even after long term use of these drugs a high percentage of sufferers go on to suffer from yeast infections again within 6 months of their treatment ending. see here. Although these sufferers didn't expeeience any infections while on the treatment they were only treating the sympotms, and the infection layed dormant in their body waiting to flare up again.

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