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Frequent Urinary Tract Infections

Frequent urinary tract infections are a problem for more women now than ever. Thousands of women are putting up with recurrent bladder infections because they don't know what is causing their infection. If you're now suffering from recurrent infections then you must already realize that taking antibiotics continuously is not the answer, and you need to try something else. Something that works?

Antibiotics for UTI

All urinary tract infections that are seen in a doctor's surgery will have antibiotics prescribed as their treatment. The problem is that after more and more courses are taken then they soon become the cause of the recurrent infections.

Antibiotics can and will weaken your immune system if they are taken too often. A weakened immune system can allow more bacteria the chance to infect your urethra because it isn't naturally keeping it under control. Your body will soon become reliant on antibiotics to cure most infections because it just gives up because it learns that antibiotics are on their way.

Causes of urinary tract infections

Knowing the cause of your UTIs will help you treat them successfully. It's not good for you or your health if you're causing the infections yourself only to go to your doctor for another prescription. If you find out the cause you can stop them for good.

Mary Jo Barton

Thousands of frequent urinary tract infections sufferers have used the help of Mary Jo Barton. Mary Jo Barton knows all the causes of bladder infections, and has created a guide that shows you how to cure your infection naturally in 12 hours. Treating your infections naturally doesn't weaken your immune system so your body doesn't become reliant on anti bacterial drugs, and the bacteria can't become resistant to the treatment either

Once you stop your infections for good ( which you will ) your health will improve because your intestinal flora can become re-balanced once you stop taking the antibiotics, and your immune system can return to full strength. You can find out more on how Mary Jo Barton can help stop your chronic bladder infections here - Mary Jo Barton's Natural UTI Cure.

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