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Gallstone Problems

Gallstone problems only effect 20% to 30% of gallstone sufferers. The main problems are the symptoms of gallbladder attacks, and their symptoms. If you're the lucky 70% to 80% who don't suffer from any symptoms of your gallstones you will continue leading a healthy life. When you're in the 20% to 30% who suffer regularly with your gallstone symptoms then a few dietary and lifestyle changes will help you keep yourself symptom free and improve the function of your liver and gallbladder.

What causes gallstones

Your liver releases bile that aids your body in digesting fat. The bile contains cholesterol, bilirubin and waste products and when the natural balance of these substances are upset in some way then they form gallstones.

Gallstone problems

What are gallstones

Gallstones are stones that collect in your gallbladder, and they come in two different forms, and they are...

  • Cholesterol gallstones - These are the most common and account for more than 80 percent of cases. Cholesterol gallstones form in your gallbladder when you have too much cholesterol in your bile. THese stones are identified by a yellowish green color. These are formed when there is too much cholesterol in the bile. Cholesterol gallstones are usually yellowish-green in color.

  • pigment gallstones - These are small and dark, and are caused by too much bilirubin in your bile. People who are suffering from liver disease tend to suffer from this type of gallstone. Other candidates for pigment gallstones are people who have an infection in the bile tubes and/or people you suffer from hereditary blood disorders such as sickle-cell anaemia .

Other Gallstone problems

Pancreatitis is one of the major gallstone problems you can develop. This happens when a gallstone exits your gallbladder and then blocks the duct in your pancreas. This stop the enzymes being released from the pancreas, and ( in a worst case scenario ) can cause the pancreas to start digesting itself. Usually bouts of pancreatitis will last a few hours but if they continue for longer then medical attention is advised as soon as possible.

Gallstone treatment

Gallstone treatment can vary massively. You can go for the removal of your gallbladder completely. or there are Home Remedies For Gallstones home remedies for gallstones that will rid your gallbladder of your stones over might. Most people that go for the surgery don't realize that the stones can be passed from the gallbladder as this is not an gallbladder treatment their doctor will suggest.

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