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Getting A Six Pack

Getting a six pack can be easy or hard. Knowing what to do right from the off can save you months of trail and error, and doing all the things you're not suppose to be doing.

Things you mustn't do

If you want to get a six pack stomach there are a couple of things you must never do. The first is never miss any meals, and the second is, never do any long cardio sessions.

Your diet for a six pack

The more meals you eat during the day the faster your metabolism will stay. You want to aim for 6 meals a day. You're not going to eat 6 big meals so you're completely bloated all day. You want to eat 6 small healthy meals.

Eating this often prevents your body going into starvation mode. This is the time your body starts storing fat, and that fat covers your abs.


Long cardio is definitely not needed when you're getting a six pack. Long cardio burns muscle mass, and this will slow down your metabolic rate. Cardio will prevent you from seeing your abs because they will always have a layer of fat over them.

Getting a six pack

Getting a six pack requires a proper diet and exercise program. Follow one of these, track your progress, and you'll start seeing results in just a few weeks.

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Robyn set a new Turbulence Training record in 12 weeks

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Six pack abs with turbulance training

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