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Naughty Nits natural head lice treatment

Head Lice Treatment

You have more than one head lice treatment available to you now. How you want your scalp to be treated should be a factor when it comes to selecting the right head lice cure. You have some good options open to you if you want to avoid the insecticides and poisons that are put into over the counter shampoos.

Essential oils

Essential oils not only kill the lice on your head but they protect your scalp. Head lice can cause sores on your scalp to develop, and this is what causes the itching associated with head lice. When you use treatments that have harsh chemicals in them, these chemicals can enter your body through these sores, and then they end up in your bloodstream.

Harsh poisons and insecticides

The harsh poisons and insecticides that they put into over the counter head lice treatments can be worse for your child that the nits themselves. The nits are becoming more resistant to these chemical as well so they have to create stronger ones to keep one step in front of the nits.

Natural head lice cures

Natural head lice cures can be used on your child as often as is needed. They are 100% safe for your child's delicate scalp, and are well researched with childrens health in mind. Natural substances like rosemary and tea tree oil not only kill the lice but act as an antiseptic to heal your child's from the bites of the lice.

Naughty Nits

Naughty Nits is a natural head lice treatment that comes as a shampoo, an oil and a spritzer. These natural products come with a 1 year full money back guarantee, and have not been tested on animals. You can read more information on Naughty Nits natural head lice treatment here. You can also read more testimonials like this one...

Naughty Nits natural head lice treatment

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