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More women are now using a home remedy for UTI because of the E-coli bacteria that is causing the infections is becoming immune to more antibiotics all the time. The side effects of antibiotics are putting more women off of using them as well, and they are no comparison to a home remedy in safety, time or convenience.

Length of time for your home remedy for UTI

Your home remedy for your urinary tract infection will only take 12 hours. This a very short time compared with the course of antibiotics you could be taking. Depending on what strain of E-coli you have infecting your urinary tract, a course of antibiotics will last from 3 to 7 days. And that's if you're cured after the first course of treatment. If the first course of antibiotics doesn't work then you have to go back to your doctor to have a culture test to see what strain of E-coli you have infecting you.

Your immune system

If you've taken antibiotics in the past then soon your immune system will start being affected by the over use of this drug. A home cure will boost your immune system as it only uses natural products from your local grocery store and/or supermarket. Your immune system needs to be a full strength to prevent a reoccurrence of your urinary tract infection. A weakened immune system is a major cause of chronic UTI's.

Your intestinal flora

Antibiotics use kills all of the friendly bacteria in your intestines, and these are needed to prevent bacteria and fungus from infecting you. This is why antibiotics are now the biggest cause of yeast infections because they kill all your natural defenses so the Candida can mutate and infect you.

Your friendly bacteria are important for your immune system as well, and a low level of friendly bacteria will cause your immune system to become weak.

Your home remedy for UTI

Mary Jo Barton has created a home remedy for urinary tract infections that only requires you to use products from your local grocery store and/or supermarket. These [products create an acidic environment in your urinary tract so the E-coli can't attach itself to your body. Then all you do is flush the E-coli from your body, and it doesn't matter which strain of E-coli you have infecting you. They don't get immune to this treatment as it doesn't kill them it just makes it unbearable for them to enjoy infecting you.

You can read more information on your home cure for UTI's, and read how other users of this 12 hour cure have benefited from it here - Mary Jo Barton's 12 hour Home Remedy For Urinary Tract Infections.

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