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Hoodia Side effects

Hoodia side effects are unknown at present, but that doesn't mean that there isn't any. Hoodia Gordonii supplements are relatively new with it only being a few years old so there hasn't been any evidence yet of long term use. In saying that some people should still be careful and fully think it through before they use this diet supplement.

If you're taking medication

Because of the newness of Hoodia Gordonii supplements the main thing to be concerned about is whether it has interactions with other drugs and medicines. African tribesmen have eaten this plant for years to suppress their appetites, but they weren't on other drugs or medications at the same time. If you're taking any medication then it's probably a good idea to speak to your doctor about any possible Hoodia side effects and drug interactions.

If you're pregnant

If you're pregnant then maybe an appetite suppressant isn't a good idea. Although a lot of women would love to keep themselves slim while they're pregnant, they have an unborn child to think about. Pregnancy is a time when nutrients are needed not just for you, but for the unborn child as well. There's plenty of time after the birth to lose weight.

If you have liver damage

The effects of Hoodia on the liver are unknown so if you're suffering from liver damage it is probably best to avoid taking the supplement until further studies have been made. If you're taking any other medication then this will make it even more important to leave the Hoodia alone because as well as having liver damage you don't know if there are any drug interactions.

If you suffer from diabetes

Hoodia tricks your brain into thinking that your body has enough blood sugar. This could cause your blood to drop dangerously low if you're not eating enough. You might not find out that your blood sugar is at a dangerous level until it's too late.


Apart from the safety precautions above, at the moment Hoodia side effects ar nonexistent. On other thing to remember though, and that's to drink plenty of fluids while you're taking this supplement. It suppresses your thirst as well as your hunger, and in hot conditions this can become dangerous if you're getting near dehydration levels.

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