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How Long Do Antibiotics Take To Cure A UTI

How long do antibiotics take to cure a UTI? This question is asked by a lot of first time sufferers who are struggling to get any results with their first course of anti bacterial drugs. The answer though is, it's a different length of time for everyone because there are other factors that need to be addressed when you're taking antibiotics for any infection.

You must get a prescription for your antibiotics

When you're using antibiotics to cure an infection it's important that you get a prescription from your doctor for them. A lot of women now purchase their antibiotics online because they don't have the insurance to go and see their doctor. This means they are purchasing the wrong antibiotics, the wrong strength of antibiotics and they'll have no idea on how long to take them for. This can seriously damage your health and resistant bacteria can easily be created.

What antibiotics have you taken before

When you're being prescribed antibiotics by your doctor, the antibiotics that you have taken in the past will be taken into account. The bacteria that causes over 90% of urinary tract infections is the E coli bacterium, and that lives naturally in your bowel. This means that it has been exposed to every course of antibiotics you've ever taken.

Every course of antibiotics that you take will have an effect on the bacteria in your body. If it has been exposed to a particular type of antibiotics too often then eventually that antibiotic becomes useless.

If you purchase your antibiotics online and you don't know what you have taken before then you risk creating a resistant infection that becomes even more difficult to treat.

So how long do antibiotics take to cure a UTI

Antibiotics as a cure for urinary tract infections will take anything from a few days to months. Some women, even with the help of their doctor, can suffer weeks or even months of trial and error getting the right antibiotic to cure their infection.

50% of women will need a second course of antibiotics to cure their infection.

12 hour UTI cure

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