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How Long Does A Yeast Infection Last?

How long does a yeast infection last? This is a question that is regularly asked by women who are suffering from their first yeast infection, or by women who are having a hard time curing their Candida overgrowth. The question also has no accurate answer as every yeast infection is different.

It will also depend on the severity on your infection, and how much medication you've used so far in an attempt to treat yourself. If you've been using anti fungal drugs and your infection doesn't go away or keeps coming back then you could have created a drug resistant fungus that just gets more aggressive every time you use the treatment.

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Yeast infections and your immune system

The cause of your yeast infection will be part of how long you suffer from your Candida yeast overgrowth. If you've been feeling low lately, and your immune system has suffered then you probably will only have a mild yeast infection.

This type of yeast infection can easily be cured within days with a natural yeast infection cure.

Have antibiotics caused your yeast infection

If your yeast infection has been caused by the use of antibiotics then the longer you leave your yeast infection without treating it the longer your yeast infection will last. That includes the amount of time it will take to cure your yeast infection after you start your treatment.

Antibiotics kill all the bacteria in your body, and that includes your friendly bacteria which lives in and on your body. Your body needs this friendly bacteria to fight of the bacteria and fungus that cause yeast infections. If you have taken a course of antibiotics leading up to your yeast infection then you could also have an intestinal yeast infection. This will take a lot longer to cure than a vaginal yeast infection.

An illness causing your yeast infection

If an illness has caused your yeast infection then you will need to cure the illness or get the illness under control before you can cure your yeast infection. Diabetes is an illness that can cause yeast infections. Another illness that needs complete medical supervision with your treatment is HIV/AIDS.

If this is your first yeast infection

If you're suffering from your first yeast infection then the quicker you discover the cause the quicker it will you can fully cure yourself. Once you have cured your yeast infection you can then take the measures needed to prevent yourself from ever getting another infection.

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