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How Long To Cure A UTI

Knowing all you UTI treatments, and how long they take to cure a UTI can help you find relief from your urinary tract infection symptoms in the shortest time possible. The treatments for your bladder infection will range from 12 hours to days, and sometimes weeks depending on what treatment you choose to use, and what treatments you have used before.


Antibiotics are prescribed to every person who goes to their doctor and is diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. Antibiotics will take a minimum of 3 days to cure your UTI. The length of treatment will depend on what antibiotics you ave taken in the past as the E coli that is causing your infection lives in your bowel. This means that it will already have been exposed to antibiotics if you've taken them in the past for anything. And this exposure will have an effect on what antibiotics you need to take now to cure your infection.

Some doctors will have to use trial and error as only 60% of UTIs are cured first time with antibiotics. You will then need a second course of treatment with a stronger antibiotic.

If you have attempted to use antibiotics already

Some women try to cure their infection with antibiotics without the help of their doctor. They buy their antibiotics online without knowing which ones are needed for their infection, and they have no idea how long to use them for. Antibiotics are powerful antibacterial drugs, and if they are not used correctly they can have a dramatic effect on your health, and they should never be used without guidance from your doctor or health practitioner.

Most of these women now suffer from urinary tract infections that are caused by resistant E coli. Because they haven't used the antibiotics properly ( either the wrong type, or for the wrong length of time ) they have created a super E coli in their body.

This type of UTI can take weeks or months to cure until a successful antibiotic is found.

12 hour UTI home remedy

If you want to successfully cure your UTI in 12 hours then you can with a home remedy. A home remedy is entirely different in the way it cures your infection, and that's why it takes 12 hours instead of 3 days or weeks. A home remedy doesn't have to kill all of the bacteria in your body like antibiotics do. All a home remedy does is flushes the E coli out of your urinary tract so you no longer have your infection.

This is done in 12 hours with products you can buy from your local grocery store. They create an acidic environment in your urinary tract that the E coli can't stand living in so it's forced to let go of your urethra and bladder. Then you just flush the bacteria out.

When you use antibiotics you have to make sure all of the E coli in your body has been killed, and this includes the E coli that live in your bowel. If these E coli aren't killed as well then that's when the resistant E coli are created. There's no need to touch these E coli ( E coli live naturally in everyone's bowel ), and this why a home remedy for urinary tract infections is so fast and effective.

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