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Lower Back Pain And A Yeast Infection

Lower back pain and a yeast infection means that you could have an intestinal yeast infection as well as an infection in your vagina. Yeast and fungus breed in your intestines just a much as they do in your vagina because the environments are very similar. They are both warm and moist, but your intestines also have food passing through them that the yeast and fungus enjoy eating.

Why you're suffering from lower back pain as well

Your intestines are very close to your lower back, and when the fungus feeds on the walls of your digestive tract it causes pain in that area. Lower back pain is becoming more common in yeast infection sufferers because fungus is breeding in the intestines more often now than it use too. Also, lower back pain is just one symptom of intestinal yeast infections.

Antibiotics use

The increased use of antibiotics is the main reason for intestinal yeast infections because these powerful anti bacterial drugs kill friendly bacteria that are keeping the yeast in your body under control. When the yeast doesn't have the friendly bacteria looking after it, it will grow in numbers and then it mutates into a fungus. You've had yeast in your intestines all your life, and now this organism is causing you problems because your body ia allowing it to mutate into an aggressive fungus.

Antibiotics also weaken your immune system and this leaves your body open to more infections. The only reason why yeast infections are so common after taking antibiotics is because yeast is always in your body. More yeast infections are caused naturally in the body then they are caught through physical contact. Once the yeast overpowers your friendly bacteria, whether it's in your vagina or your intestines you will get an infection.

What you need to do

To cure your lower back pain and a yeast infection you need to completely cleanse your body of the yeast and fungus. You must do this so that you can then get your friendly bacteria numbers high again so they can start taking control of the environment in your body. That way, your health will get back to the way it once was.

You can attempt to do the cleanse on your own or you can get expert help from Linda Allen. Linda Allen has helped over 100,000 sufferers just like you completely eliminate the fungus from their body, and she can be start helping you today. Read more about how Linda can help you at Linda Allen's Natural Yeast Cure. It can be the difference between curing your infection in a short amount of time, or you could start suffering from a yeast infection for a very long time.

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