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Lower Urinary Tract Infections

A lower urinary tract infection is by far the most common type of UTI that troubles women, and fortunately for you, it's the easiest to cure. A lower UTI is an infection in the urethra and the bladder ( also known as cystitis ), and this type of E coli infection is usually treated with antibiotics by your doctor.

What is a UTI

A urinary tract infection is caused by bacteria ( mostly the E coli bacteria ) entering your urethra where it will cling to the walls and begin causing you your symptoms. The bacteria will work its way up your urethra to your bladder, and then in extreme cases, will infect the kidneys. Kidney infections usually only occur when a lower UTI is self mis-diagnosed, and doesn't get treated properly.

Lower urinary tract infection treatment

Treatment for a lower urinary tract infection usually involves antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. A course of antibiotics can last from 3 days to a week. If however, the E coli is resistant to the antibiotics the treatment will take longer, and the treatment will progress to more powerful antibiotics until you use one that cures your urinary tract infection.

As you take more courses of anti bacterial drugs the chances of resistant E coli increase, and also, you will have a higher chance of getting a yeast infection after a course of antibiotics with every treatment to take.

Home treatment for a lower UTI

Lower UTI's can easily be treated with a home remedy. A home remedy doesn't have the side effects of antibiotics, and it will cure your lower UTI in 12 hours.

When your body doesn't rely on drugs to cure the infection it will naturally be able to prevent a reoccurrence of your UTI. Your body learns to rely on antibiotics if they are used too often, and your immune system loses the ability to naturally protect you from infections, and that's not just UTI's, it's all infections.

More women are choosing a home remedy now because of the speed in which they are being cured, and the money they're saving by not buying antibiotics.

Mary Jo Barton's 12 hour home remedy

Mary Jo Barton has created a 12 hour home remedy for urinary tract infections that has helped thousands of women worldwide. It cures infection that antibiotics struggle with, and the E coli has no chance of becoming resistant to the treatment.

You can take a look at Mary Jo Barton's 12 UTI Home Remedy Here. This is a complete program for curing your UTI.

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