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Maximise Muscle Gains

All weight trainers/body builders want to know the easiest to maximizing muscle gains. The following will give you a basic understanding how you can maximise your gains in the shortest time possible.

Training for maximum muscle gains

Training the largest muscle groups will create an anabolic state in your body so all your muscle will grow at a faster rate. Exercises such a s the squat and deadlift are or major importance when you want your whole body to grow. Lifts like the deadlift are hard work which is why it's an exercise neglected by a lot of slow gainers. Your thighs and back are the largest muscles in your body and the dead lift hits these muscles hard.

Dead lifts have so much movement that they also naturally train the whole body during the lift. They're not like a simple exercise like a barbell curl that really only trains the biceps. The dead lift uses your legs, back and arms and the more muscles you need for one exercise the greater the effect it will have on your body.

Your Diet

When it comes to yoru diet you need to consume a large ammount of protein, carbs and fat to give your body enough fuel and nutrients to grow. If you don't eat enough then your muscles won't grow and repair themselves for your next workout.

If you can't life more than you did in your last workout then you either haven't eaten enough or you are over training. It's important to get everything right in order for your muscles to grow. This is where you can start experimenting with yoru diet and training untiol you get everything just right or you can get the help of a muscle gaining expert.

Expert help for maximizing your gains

One man who has helped tens of thousands of hard gainers grow their muscles is Sean Nalewanyj. Seans program has been in teh New York times because of the effect it has had on body builders all over teh world.

Sean's program covers...

  • How many sets and reps for each specific exercise
  • Which exercises that have the most effective movements for maximizing your strength and growth rate
  • Hormones and your growth, and how to release them
  • How to decrease yoru recovery time so your muscles are fresh for your next workout
  • What supplements to avoid because they are useless
  • Learn proper post workout nutrition
  • Learn which foods enhance your body's levels of important anabolic hormones
  • Videos showing how each exercise should be performed
  • And much much more

You can read more information on Sean program, and see before and after photos of some of the people that have used his program here - Muscle Gain Secrets.

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