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Natural Remedies For Urinary Tract Infections

Natural remedies for urinary tract infections have become much more popular over the last few years. The internet has helped because it has helped women realize that antibiotics are not the only method of treating a UTI, and they are also not the best method either. Antibiotics are now so over prescribed that for a lot of women, they have become the problem of most of their health problems.

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Antibiotics as a UTI remedy

10 million women get prescribed antibiotics for urinary tract infections every year in America. Half of those will need a second course, and a smaller percentage go on to suffer from bladder infections for along time. Some women are plagued with them for years. The problem with antibiotics is they become part of the problem when they are taken too often

Antibiotics weaken the immune system and they also destroy good bacteria, and both of these are a necessity when it comes to you living a healthy infection free life. This is why more women now turn to home remedies when they treat their UTI.

Your body's good bacteria

Your body has trillions of good bacteria living in it, and these help to protect you from infection. They keep the numbers of bad bacteria down, and they keep your intestines clean and aid digestion. If you've taken antibiotics a lot in the past and your digestion could be better then you could start taking some probiotics to improve things.

Your immune system

Antibiotics weaken your immune system, and the lack of good bacteria in your body also weakens your immune system With a weakened immune system you can suffer from a lot of infections. Ever noticed how some people are more susceptible to infection than others? That's because they have weak immune systems, and these people always need some sort of medication to treat their infections because their body cannot cope.

Natural remedies for urinary tract infections

The points above are part of the reason why women now turn to natural remedies for urinary tract infections. Also they like the speed in which these remedies work, and that is usually about 12 hours as opposed to the days or weeks that antibiotics can take. It's the cost as well, as antibiotics use can run into the hundreds of dollars depending on how many courses you need. Your doctor loves this as it's paying for their home while you're not being cured.

Mary Jo Barton's UTI natural treatment

Mary Jo Barton has created a natural UTI remedy that has been successfully used by thousands of sufferers. Not only has Mary cured these women, but she has given them the knowledge to look after themselves so they don't suffer from urinary problems anymore. You can join these women, and also read what some of them have said about this natural cure at 12 Hour UTI Remedy.

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