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Preventing A Yeast Infection After Antibiotics

Preventing a yeast infection when taking antibiotics is going to be much easier than trying to cure a yeast infection that has been caused by antibiotics. If you can stop teh Candida from mutating into a fungus before it gets the chance to then your health is going to get a massive boost. If you can replace yoru body's natural defenses as soon as they have ben killed of by the antibiotics then you won't have to suffer from teh fungus feeding on teh insoide of your vagina, or in yoru digestive tract.

Probiotics to re-balance your intestinal flora

Because teh antibiotics kill off benefical bacteria you need to replace these as soon as poosible in order to prevent a yeast infection after antibiotics. These is done by taking a good quality probiotic supplement that puts the benefical bacteria back nto yoru intetsines. If you use a cheap rpobiotic that needs refridgeration then you're nopt going to prevent a yeast infection.

Cheap probiotics that need refridgeration are mostly already dead before you take them. And if you do happen to take a supplement that has some surviving bacteria in them then they will be killed off as soon as they reach your stomach acid. This makes them completely useless. You need a supplement that survives all teh way into yoru intestines so they can get to work, keeping teh Candida under control.

A good quality probiotic is Bowtrol Probiotic that is micro-encapsulated so it is protected along it's journey.

Probiotic suplements not only prevent Candids, but they improve yoru digestion, and that has a positive effect on your health.

You can increae the yeast infection fighting power of yoru probiotics by using Inuflora Powder, it feeds friendly bacteria so they multiply at a much faster rate. This means you'll have more benfical bacteria in yoru body in so you can prevent a yeast infection afetr antibiotics more effectively.

Sugar feeds fungsu and yeast infections

If you want to prevent Candida then you have to eliminate all sugar from yoru diet. Fungus loves sugar, and this does to fungus what the power mentioned above does to beneficial bacteria. Because Candida enters yoru body every day, if you're eating a lot of sugar then you're going to start feeding it as soon as it enters your body. If it starts breeding faster than the probiotics you're taking then it will mutate into a fungus and cause a yeast infection

You need teh probiotics to take control of teh environment faster than the Candida so that they can prevent teh Candida from mutating. Once you sto teh Candida from mutating you can prevent a yeast infection. So you need to eliminate all foods that contain any sugar once you've finished yopur course or antibiotics.

Your immune system

As you're rep[lacing teh beneficsal bacteria that have been killed off by teh antibiotics they will help top stregthen yoru immune system, and this helps to protect you from a yeast infection. You can give yoru immune system a boost by eating more foods that are high in vitamins and minerals. STart with more vegetables at forst because fruit contains sugar and you want to avoid this at first. After a while when you know that you have stregthen your body's natural defenses and prevented teh fungus from breeding you can start re-introducing fruit into yoru dirt

Doing all of this is not only going to prevent a yeast infection, but it's going to improve your health at the same time. You're going to feel more energetic, and you're laos going to feel younger.

What are you treating with antibiotics

If by chance you're treating a urinary tract infection then you can avoid taking antibiotics altogether. There is a very successful home UTO remedy that is far better than any antibiotics.

You can read more about it here 12 Hour UTI Cure.

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