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Recurrent Yeast Infections

Recurrent yeast infections now affect 5% of women worldwide. One yeast infection is uncomfortable enough, but to continually get yeast infections one after the other can ruin your health, and your enjoyment for life. What you must understand is you have Candid mutating into fungus in your body all the time. That is why when you kill the fungus with an anti fungal drug your infection keeps coming back. Back to back fungal infections are not good as you have fungus breeding in your body that needs to be eliminated as soon as possible.

The only way to cure your recurrent infections is to cleanse your body of the fungus and Candida, and then strengthen your body's natural defenses so that the Candida that enters your body every day can no longer mutate into fungus. That is the only way to cure frequent yeast problems, and just killing the fungus like you're doing is going to create a drug resistant infection because of all the exposure your giving to the Candida in your body.

Over 100,000 sufferers have been cured with the help of Linda Allen, and Linda can start helping you today. Your infections will soon stop, your energy will increase, and you'll feel a whole lot healthier. Fungus is doing your body no good at all, and the quicker you eliminate it then the quicker you'll get your good health back. Visit a review of Linda's site at Natural Yeast Infection Cure.

Your treatment

At the moment you're probably treating your fungal infection with an over the counter treatment without much success, and this is why your yeast infection won't go away. The main reason for this is the treatment you're using is only treating the symptoms of your infection, and is in no way, treating the cause.

The cause of your yeast infection

Because you never discovered the root cause of your yeast infection before you started your treatment, every time you finish a course of the OTC treatment your yeast infection just returns. When a yeast infection becomes recurrent it comes back stronger than the one before. When the treatment is applied to the infection the yeast will mutate to fight off the treatment. And because you're not curing the whole infection the yeast that is left easily mutates into a stronger yeast ready for the next time you apply the anti fungal cream.

For any treatment to successfully cure your yeast infection you must find out the root cause first. This could be a health condition or it could be an intestinal yeast infection that was originally caused by a health condition or some medication you were taking.

See your doctor

If you're suffering from recurrent yeast infections it is important to go and see your doctor. If you haven't seen your doctor yet, and you have self diagnosed yourself your doctor can make sure you do have a yeast infection. Too many women who self diagnose their vaginal infection end up getting the diagnosis wrong.

A wrong diagnosis can lead to permanent damage to your internal and reproductive organs if you have a more serious bacterial infection that hasn't been treated in time. Also, using Monistat when you don't have a yeast infection can actually cause one, and it will be a drug resistant infection.

Your doctor can also test you for any health conditions or illnesses that could be causing you recurrent yeast infections. The main ones are diabetes because of the rising sugar levels in your blood, and the more serious HIV/AIDS because of how it weakens your immune system.

No drugs can cure your yeast infection

If you have a health condition then treating that first could help you then cure your chronic yeast infections. If you have no health problems, and you suspect you have an intestinal yeast infection you now only have the option of curing your yeast infection naturally. No drug can help you now because they will just make your Candida overgrowth worse.

When you start treating your intestinal yeast infection with oral anti fungal drugs the drugs just upset your body's natural bacterial balance even more than it is already. As well as that, more drugs won't do anything for your immune system, and your immune system needs to be strong to fight off your recurrent yeast infections.

Yeast infection natural cures

When you cure your frequent yeast infections naturally you're not only treating the infection you're helping your body cure the yeast infection as well. A natural cure strengthens your body so it can fight off the infection, and this aides the treatment that is killing the yeast.

You can read more information about a natural yeast cure here - Linda Allen's Natural Yeast Cure.

You can put a stop to your chronic yeast infections a lot sooner than you think. You just need to trust the right information.

Get well soon.

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