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Resistant Candida

There is a steep rise in resistant Candida because of the easy availability of OTC anti fungal creams and oral drugs now. These were once prescription only so you had to get a correct diagnosis before you could use them. They are available in minutes now, and more women are over using them, and using them when they don't have a yeast infection.

Creating resistant Candida

When you keep exposing the Candida to the same anti fungal drugs they eventually become resistant. After that the resistance just gets stronger every time you use the treatment. Most women just carry on using the creams hoping that one day thy will be infection free, but that will never happen.

Mutating Candida

The Candida lives in your body naturally, and your infection is caused because it is mutating into a fungus. To stop your infections you must stop the yeast from mutating. You do this by strengthening your body's natural defenses. You'll never cure your infection if you can't stop the Candida mutating, this is why conventional treatments don't cure some yeast infections. Creams and oral drugs can only kill the fungus, they can't protect your body from further infection.

Getting expert help to cure your resistant Candida infection

Resistant yeast infections can be very difficult to cure. They need to be treated with more than just an anti fungal drug. You need to find out why the Candida started mutating in the first place then treat your infection from there.

Linda Allen has helped thousands of women who have suffered with resistant infections. She learnt how to cure an infection that her doctor couldn't cure with any available drug.

You can read more about Linda Allen here - Linda Allen's Natural Cure For Yeast Infections.

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