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Severe Yeast Infections

Severe yeast infections are now effecting tens of thousands of women worldwide at any one time. The reasons yeast infections become severe are explained below but you can be rest assured in the fact that you no longer have to put up with your chronic candida infections.

What causes chronic candida overgrowth

The chronic Candida overgrowth that is causing your severe yeast infections is a mutated, highly aggressive form of Candida. If you have been applying over the counter yeast infection cures in the hope that your next treatment will be the last, you have been contributing to this mutated Candida.

With each course of yeast infection treatment the Candida yeast will mutate to fight of the treatment. The Candida yeast is a fungus, and fungi are very good at adapting to their surroundings, and this includes adapting to the medication you're using. While the yeast is mutating it is also burrowing it's way further into your skin, and this will make your yeast infection more severe.

The yeast feeds on your skin cells

The yeast burrows it's way deeper into your skin in search of fresher skin cells to feed off of. This feeding is what causes your itching and burning. As the yeast gets deeper into your skin the cream you're using is longer able to penetrate your skin deep enough to kill all of the Candida yeast. This increases the chances of the yeast becoming immune to your treatment.

Intestinal yeast infections

An intestinal yeast infection can cause severe vaginal yeast infections. If you have a yeast infection in your intestines than your body has become a good environment for the mutated yeast. The biggest cause of intestinal and severe yeast infections is antibiotics use. Antibiotics upset your body's natural bacterial balance, and they also weaken your immune system. You need both of these to be perfect to fight off bacterial and fungal infections.

Natural yeast infection treatments

Natural yeast infection cures are able to penetrate your skin a lot easier than creams and lotions. Natural Candida cures don't upset your vagina's or your body's natural bacterial or chemical balance. They enhance these balances and encourage your body to naturally heal itself as well as the treatment curing you.

Natural yeast infection cures also strengthen your body's immune system which is needed to fight off the mutating yeast. No matter how well you kill the yeast, if your immune system is week the yeast infection will continue to be severe and recurrent.

The most successful natural yeast infection treatment that has helped tens of thousands of men and women worldwide isLinda Allen's Natural Cure For Yeast Infections. Linda has cured sever yeast infections easily for these sufferers, and they are now yeast free because of her extensive knowledge of the Candida yeast. Here's just a couple of testimonials from Linda's collection...

Severe yeast infections

Severe yeast infections

You read more information about Linda's knowledge of the Candida yeast atLinda Allen's natural cure for severe yeast infections.

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