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Six Pack Stomach

A six pack stomach is easily achievable once you know how. It's not hard and it doesn't take a lot of time in the gym, or take 1000 crunches a day. Just look at the photos of Robyn below, and you'll see what three metabolic rate boosting workouts of 45 minutes a week can do to your body alongside a healthy nutritious diet.

Robyn set a new Turbulence Training record in 12 weeks

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Six pack abs with turbulance training

As you can see from the photos above, a six pack stomach is achievable for anyone, and Robyn dod this in 12 weeks. Robyn didn't use any diet pills or fat burning pills, Robyn learnt how to do it from someone who has helped thousands before her. If you want to archive something you must learn from someone who has done it already, and not someone who wants to sell you hundreds of dollars of diet pills every month.

The cost of six pack abs

The lifetime cost top find out how to get six pack abs is less than one months supply of any fat burning pills, and these pills that are sold in their millions every day don't even work. All you need is the correct exercise plan, and you need to know what to eat and when to eat it.

Just 3 workouts a week

Most exercise gurus will have you doing cardio in the gym for an hour every day fooling you into believing that this is the way your body burns the most fat. Robyn did not do any long cardio. Her longest workout was 45 minutes and she did this just 3 times a week.

All you need to do to lose fat is a workout that increases your metabolism for the following 2 days, and this is done with full body workouts. An hour of long boring cardio only burns calories while you're actually working out, it does nothing to increase your metabolism for the two days after that. This is the time you want your body burning fat.

Slowing down your metabolic rate

Long cardio sessions actually slow down your metabolism because they decrease your muscle mass. Your muscles naturally burn more calories than fat do, so increasing them increases your metabolism so your body burns more calories while you're watching TV and sleeping.

Read more about the expert help that Robyn received here - Turbulence Training For A Six Pack Stomach.

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