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Six Pack Stomach

A six pack workout is probably not what you think. Sure, you have to do a few crunches every week, but the thought of doing endless abdominal exercise are long gone. These programs don't work, and the reason they don't work is, you can't tone fat.

Get the layer of fat off of your abs

Your stomach is covered in a layer of fat, and that is why you haven't get a six pack stomach at the moment. So a six pack workout is a workout that needs to rid your body of fat. This is the fastest way to get washboard looking abs, and if that's what you're after then you're about to learn the quickest way possible to your goals.

Full body workout for six pack abs

What you need to do to get a flat stomach is a full body workout. This type of workout increases your metabolic rate to the point where you'll be burning fat for 48 hours after your workout has finished. Doing a thousand crunches every day will do nothing for your metabolism, and neither will an hour of cardio every day.

Why cardio doesn't work

Cardio doesn't burn fat because it doesn't raise your metabolic rate. This makes it useless as part of a six pack workout. An hour of cardio will start eating into your muscles, and as they get smaller your metabolism will slow down.

Raise your metabolic rate

Training for washboard abs requires you to speed up your metabolism so your body is burning fat even while you're resting. After an hour of cardio when your resting your body will be storing fat.

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Robyn set a new Turbulence Training record in 12 weeks

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Six pack abs with turbulance training

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