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Threelac Review

I've written this Threelac review to give you an informed introduction to probably the best probiotic you can purchase. It's a probiotic that is micro encapsulated so that it does the job it is intended for, and that's to cure your yeast infection from the source, and re-balance your intestinal flora.

Three strains of beneficial bacteria

Threelac contains three strains of bacteria that get to work re-balancing the flora in your intestines. These are three hardy strains of bacteria so they easily survive their journey past your stomach acid which over 90% of other probiotics can't do.

Micro encapsulated

Global Health Trax, who produce Threelac have created a probiotic that is micro encapsulated so that the bacteria is protected as it travels through your stomach and into your intestines. When you take a probiotic supplement that isn't micro encapsulated your stomach acid will kill the bacteria before it gets to your intestines and bowel.

It's important that the bacteria survives so it can start to fight off the mutated Candida yeast that has populated your intestines. Threelac is also one of the two only probiotics that I know of ( fivelac is the other one ) that give you die off symptoms.

Candida die off

Candida die off is part of your healing process that many people think is their yeast infection getting worse. The symptoms are very similar to that of your yeast infection, and can sometimes be a bit more severe. If this happens to you all you need to do is cut back on your Threelac dosage for about a week until you have most of the dead Candida yeast out of your body.

My experience with Threelac

When I first started taking Threelac I soon became victim to the Candida die off. Like everyone else, I too, thought that the Threelac was making my yeast infection worse but I later found out that the die off is a sign that the Threelac is working.

Fortunately I continued and after a few weeks of taking one sachet a day I started to feel better. Then I upped the dosage to two sachets a day and my health improved daily until it leveled off.

I don't think I would have cured my intestinal yeast infection/candidiasis if it wasn't for the extra help I got from Threelac. It was part of my anti Candida protocol that is also needed if you suffer from an intestinal yeast infection like I did.

Maintenance dose

I still take Threelac even today on a maintenance level as I feel it's a supplement everyone should take even if they don't suffer from a yeast infection. The bacterial balance in your intestines is so important if you want your health to be at its best.

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Acidophillus capsules

If you don't want to pay the price for Threelac then you have a cheaper alternative in Acidophillus capsules. These capsules can be kept at room temperature so there's no need for refridgeration. If you by capsules that need refridgeration then they can go bad during transit from one place to another. They have 1 billion living celss per capsule and you can get your Acidophillus capsules here.

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