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Time It Takes Probiotics To Work

The time it takes for probiotics to work on your yeast infection will depend on a number of things. One of the most common reason that they don't do anything is the fact that the type being taken are useless. You can also take probiotics that do work, but a lot of women will carry on feeding the fungus in their intestines with a poor diet. You can't expect probiotics to work if they are of poor quality, and if you're feeding the fungus every time you eat or drink something.

Sugar in your diet

If you're eating a lot of foods or drinking a lot of drinks that contain sugar then you are feeding the fungus in your body all day every day. If you're taking probiotics to cure a yeast infection then they are going to be fighting a losing battle as the fungus has already taken over your intestines, and your diet is just making it stronger. You need the probiotics your taking to do as little work as possible in the shortest time possible so they can take back the control of your intestines, and then prevent the Candida yeast from mutating into a fungus.

The quality of your probiotics

The time is takes for probiotics to work depends on the quality of them. You need your supplement to be able to survive the journey through your digestive tract so it can get to where it has to do the most work. If you purchase a cheap supplement then most of the bacteria in it will already be dead before you even take it. And what does manage to survive will not be strong enough to make it past your stomach acid.

Purchasing a probiotic that needs refrigeration is a sign that it's a weak strain. If you've just picked them up off of a shelf in a store or had them delivered then they haven't been in the fridge, and that means they are probably dead before you take them.

Bowtrol probiotics are protected so that they survive the journey past your stomach acid and get into your intestines where they can start taking control of the Candida. If the probiotic supplement that you take can't get into your intestines then they are useless against fungal infections. They need to take back the control. The time it tales for your probiotics to work will be forever if you keep taking a supplement that dies in your stomach.

Feed the friendly bacteria

If you feed the probiotic supplement and the friendly bacteria that is already living in your intestines then your yeast infection is going to be cured a lot faster. The time it takes your Probiotics to work is cut down dramatically if you feed them with Inuflora Powder which is a powered food that friendly bacteria love. They love this food just the same as fungus loves sugar.

If you've been taking probiotics without any success then you need to look at what you're taking and look at what you're eating. If you continually feed the fungus with a poor diet then you'll be suffering from a yeast infection for a long time.

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