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Untreated UTI Infection

An untreated UTI infection is not in any way something you should be considering. The only thing that can happen when leaving a UTI untreated is it will get a lot worse, and it will spread to your kidneys. You should be thinking about curing your infection in the quickest time possible as E coli is an extremely lethal bacteria.

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E coli bacteria and your kidneys

The E coli bacteria causes a high percentage of urinary tract infections, and this bacteria will not leave your urinary tract on its own. You will need to kill it with anti bacterial drugs or flush it out. It is clinging to the walls of your urethra, and it will slowly make its way towards kidneys until you do something to stop it.

Your options for treatment

You have two options for treating your UTI. The first one which is used by 10 million Americans a year is antibiotics. These will take between 3 days and many weeks to cure your infection depending on how many courses of this anti bacterial drug you need. 50% of women will need a second course of them, and some women need many courses until the right antibiotic is discovered for the E coli in their body.

If you've taken antibiotics in the past then the E coli in your urinary tract will have been exposed so they will have built up some resistance.

12 hour natural UTI remedy

To save an untreated UTI infection damaging your health you can start treating yourself today with a natural UTI remedy. A natural remedy works by creating an environment in your urinary tract that the E coli doesn't enjoy living in. This then causes the E coli to stop clinging to the walls of your urethra, and then you can just flush it out.

This method of treating a urinary tract infection is very fast and effective, and has been used successfully by thousands of women worldwide.

You can read more information about curing your UTI in 12 hours at Mary Jo Barton's 12 Hour UTI Remedy.

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