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Archive for September, 2007

Frequent Urinary Tract Infections And Your Antibiotics Aren’t Working

There a few reasons why you could be suffering from frequent urinary tract infections and your antibiotics are not working. They are explained below. The bacteria is now drug resistant If you have taken a number of courses of antibiotics then the E-coli causing the UTI could now be resistant to your medication. All bacteria [...]

Can Douching Cause A Urinary Tract Infection

Can douching cause a urinary tract infection? A urinary tract infection is caused by the E-coli bacteria which will not be effected by douching. I’ll explain. What is a UTI Women are far more likely to get urinary tract infections because the length of their urethra is shorter, and its a lot closer to the [...]

How Long Do You Take Antibiotics For To Cure A Urinary Tract Infection

How long do you need to take antibiotics for to cure a urinary tract infection? This is a question someone has asked, and I like to use this blog to answer questions so everyone gets the benefit of the answer. The answer to this question is, you take the antibiotics for the full course. This [...]

Grapefruit Seed Extract As A Cure For Urinary Tract Infections

A lot of people ask, is it ok to use grapefruit seed extract as a cure for Urinary tract infections? What is grapefruit seed extract Grapefruit seed extract is a natural anti bacterial product that is easily bought on the internet or from a health food store. It is good for killing the E coli [...]

If You Can Feel The Start Of Your Urinary Tract Infection

If you can feel the start of your urinary tract infection then you’re in an excellent position to cure yourself before the need of any antibiotics. If you’re prone to frequent UTIs, and you always take antibiotics to cure them, then the antibiotics may now be the cause. They weaken your immune system, and they [...]

Reasons For Chronic Urinary Tract Infections

There are a few reasons for chronic urinary tract infections. The good news is once you have discovered the reason for your infection you will no longer have to suffer from recurrent bacterial UTIs. Personal hygiene Poor personal hygiene can be a culprit of chronic urinary tract infections. A urinary tract infection is caused by [...]

Can Antibiotics Make Your Urinary Tract Infection Worse

Can antibiotics make your urinary tract infection worse? Antibiotics are prescribed for all urinary tract infections, but for some sufferers this form of treatment can make the infection worse. Anti bacterial drugs are very powerful, and should only be used under the supervision of your doctor or health practitioner. A lot of women just purchase [...]

Natural Cure For Urinary Tract Infections

A natural cure for urinary tract infections are becoming more popular among women because more bladder infections are now becoming resistant to antibiotics. And more women now want to avoid antibiotics because of the bad effect they are having on their good health. You can start curing your UTI naturally within the hour if you [...]

What Happens If My Urinary Tract Infection Is Left Untreated

Many women suffering their first UTI ask, “what happens if my urinary tract infection is left untreated?” The simple answer to this question is, your urinary tract infection, if left untreated will get worse. Most UTIs are caused by the E coli bacteria, and this will not leave it’s place of infection on it’s own. [...]

When Antibiotics Don’t Cure Your Urinary Tract Infection

A women has emailed saying that her antibiotics are not curing her urinary tract infection. There are 2 main reasons why the antibiotics are not working on her UTI which are explained below. The bacteria is resistant to the antibiotics If you have ever taken more than one course of antibiotics the bacteria in your [...]