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Archive for December, 2007

Will Your Bladder Infection Go Away Without Treatment

Will your bladder infection go away without treatment? The simple answer to this question is, no, your bladder infection will not go away without treatment. This is, thankfully, a rare question that is asked by either first time UTI sufferers or by women who don’t want the embarrassment of going to see their doctor. See [...]

My Bladder Infection Will Not Go Away

There are a few reasons why your bladder infection will not go away, and fortunately your bladder infection can still be cured even if ( at this moment ) you don’t think it can. Resistant E coli bacteria If you’re at present attempting to cure your bladder infection with antibiotics without any success then the [...]

What Can I Take To Help My Bladder Infection

What can I take to help my bladder infection? If you’re suffering from a bladder infection, and you want to use an alternative to antibiotics then you have a couple of very good options. Why more people are avoiding antibiotics More bladder infection sufferers are trying to avoid antibiotics because of what they do to [...]

What To Take For Chronic UTI’s

What to take for chronic UTI’s? Chronic urinary tract infections effect a small percentage of UTI sufferers worldwide, and it doesn’t matter what part of the world you come from. Antibiotics use The biggest cause of chronic UTIs is the overuse of antibiotics. This can be in adulthood, or a result of antibiotics use when [...]