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Recurrent E-coli Urinary Tract Infections

Recurrent E-coli urinary tract infections are causing problems for more women all the time, and they are usually a sign that your current medication isn’t working, and can in fact, be contributing to your chronic UTI’s. Antibiotics use If you’re trying to cure your infection with antibiotics, and the infection has become recurrent then the [...]

How Long To Take Antibiotics For Your UTI

How long do you need to take antibiotics for to cure a urinary tract infection? This is a question someone has asked, and I like to use this blog to answer questions so everyone gets the benefit of the answer. The answer to this question is, you take the antibiotics for the full course. This [...]

UTI That Won’t Go Away With Antibiotics

If you’re suffering from a UTI that won’t go away with antibiotics there is a reason for this problem, and it can be easily rectified. If you are struggling to cure your UTi then you can use a natural cure that will have your urinary tract infection fully cured in 12 hours, and you can [...]

12 Hour UTI Natural Cure

A 12 hour UTI natural cure is only minutes away for you if you don’t want to take immune suppressing antibiotics for a week. It’s a urinary tract infection natural home remedy where you can get everything you need from your local supermarket. Step by step UTI home remedy This home remedy is a step [...]

Can You Treat A UTI Without Antibiotics

Can you treat a UTI without antibiotics? Yes you can, and the good news is, curing your urinary tract infection without the use of any drugs is a lot more beneficial for your overall health. More women are turning to natural/home cures for their UTI because they… Cure their UTI in less than a day [...]

How Long Will It Take For My UTI To Go Away

If you’re asking, how long will it take my UTI to go away? The good news is you can be symptom free by this time tomorrow. That is providing you treat your urinary tract infection naturally, and not with immune suppressing antibiotics. Mary Jo Barton’s natural UTI treatment Mary Jo Barton has created a 12 [...]

Will Your Urinary Tract Infection Go Away Without Treatment

Will your urinary tract infection go away without treatment? A very small percentage of women are lucky enough to cure their UTI without treatment because their immunity is strong, and they happen to eat a diet in the right foods that cure UTI. E coli bacteria You have to remember that your urinary tract infection [...]

Alternative Treatment For Chronic UTI

More women are looking for an alternative treatment for chronic UTI’s because they are realizing that the drugs and medications they are taking are now part of the cause. Drugs such as antibiotics are so easily available now that they are causing more bacterial and fungal infections than they ever have. Causes of Chronic UTI [...]