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Archive for February, 2008

Do UTI’s Cause Bloating

If you think your UTI is causing bloating then you have a chance that you either: Aren’t suffering from a urinary tract infection; You’re also suffering from an intestinal yeast infection. Yeast infection are common among women that are suffering from a UTI because antibiotics cause yeast infections. If you suspect that antibiotics have caused [...]

Have Antibiotics Made Your UTI Worse

Antibiotics make a UTI worse in a higher number of cases than they did years ago. Not every one has a successful course treatment when they take their prescription of antibiotics, and the main reason is the E coli bacteria have now become resistant to more types of antibiotics because of their continual exposure to [...]

The Most Successful Urinary Tract Infection Medicine

The most successful urinary tract infection medicine is a UTI home cure. Home cures for urinary tract infections are more successful than conventional cures because they work in a more effective way, and home remedies don’t carry the health risks that prescription drugs do. Antibiotics and your UTI UTI home remedies don’t work like antibiotics [...]

Urinary Tract Infections And Pregnancy

Urinary tract infections and pregnancy are two things that definitely don’t go together. The reason being that antibiotics are the only cure your doctor can give you for your UTI, but antibiotics ( especially trimethoprim ) which are generally prescribed for bladder infections inhibit the absorption of folic acid. Folic acid is important for your [...]

I’ve Taken Antibiotics And I Still Have My Bladder Infection

I’ve taken antibiotics and still have a bladder infection. This is something that gets said more now than it did a few years ago. The reasons have grown as well because of the availability of antibiotics on the internet, and this is made worse with misinformation that you can view on public forums, and other [...]

E Coli And Urinary Tract Infections

Curing E coli and urinary tract infections is a lot easier than you think. If you’ve attempted to cure your UTI already with a conventional cure of a week long course of antibiotics and it hasn’t worked then you have other options. This is also the case if you don’t want to use antibiotics. More [...]

Amoxicillin Cure For UTI

An amoxicillin cure for UTI’s is an antibiotic that is no longer used to kill the E-coli bacteria that is causing your urinary tract infection. Antibiotics are what you’ll be prescribed for every UTI you suffer from, and it is the only treatment that you can be given by your doctor. Antibiotics come in many [...]

I’ve Taken Antibiotics For My UTI And I Still Have It

I’ve taken antibiotics for my UTI and I still have it, is a statement that’s getting more and more common all the time. The reasons for this are explained below. The wrong antibiotics One reason antibiotics haven’t cured a urinary tract infection are the wrong type has been taken. More women now purchase their antibiotics [...]