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A Urinary Tract Infection, Yeast Infection And Constipation

I’ve received an email from a women who says she’s suffering from a urinary tract infection, a yeast infection and constipation. We’ll forget the constipation for a minute and focus on the infections.

Get a doctors diagnosis first

The first thing I advise in this situation is, get a doctors diagnosis first. A yeast infection and UTI already have similar symptoms so you need to make sure you know exactly what you’re suffering from. It could one, both or none. Other bacterial infections have the same symptoms so you need to make sure you’re treating the infections in the correct way.


If you find yourself suffering from a yeast infection and a UTI then you’re not in a good position. Your body is already suffering from a bacterial imbalance for you to be suffering from these infections in the first place. And to make them worse all your doctor will do is prescribe antibiotics for your urinary tract infection, and an anti fungal cream for your yeast infection.

The antibiotics are only going to make your bacterial imbalance even worse, and this will make your yeast infection worse. And could also make your UTI worse, especially if you’ve taken antibiotics before. The bacteria living in your body that causes the UTI ( usually E Coli ) can become immune to antibiotics so you can start suffering from recurrent urinary tract infections.

While this is happening your yeast infection will be made worse by the antibiotics as antibiotics are the biggest cause of yeast infections. This is without taking them while you are already suffering from a yeast infection. The antibiotics are going to make life a lot easier for the Candida yeast when it has killed what’s left of your friendly bacteria.

The constipation

The constipation is one of the symptoms associated with an intestinal yeast infection, so there’s a chance this women already has an intestinal yeast infection so the antibiotics are going to ruin her health completely. Her constipation won’t benefit from antibiotics either.

A natural cure is needed

All I can advise now is this women gets the correct diagnosis from her doctor, and then treats her infections naturally. Going against the advise of your doctor can be difficult but both these infections need to be cured from the cause, and no drug in the world can do that. All any drugs can do is kill all of the bacteria in her body which will leave it without any protection from further infections.

A natural, holistic cure will strengthen her immune system, cleanse her blood, repopulate her intestines with friendly bacteria and also prevent any more infections. The constipation will be eliminated when her body has started healing itself.

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If you’re suffering like this women is then I hope you cure yourself as soon as possible.

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