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Have Antibiotics Made Your UTI Worse

Antibiotics make a UTI worse in a higher number of cases than they did years ago. Not every one has a successful course treatment when they take their prescription of antibiotics, and the main reason is the E coli bacteria have now become resistant to more types of antibiotics because of their continual exposure to them.

Resistant E coli

E coli live naturally in our bowel so every course of antibiotics that you have taken the bacteria have been exposed to them. With every course the E coli will become more resistant so when they do actually infect your urinary tract they are already resistant. This is common in people that have had infections before, and have given the E coli more exposure to the antibiotics.

Another reason the E coli can become resistant is when you don’t finish the course of antibiotics and some of the e coli survive. Once anything has survived it will mutate into a stronger strain of bacteria that will be resistant to the next course of treatment. This is more common with women who purchase their antibiotics online, and have no idea how long they should be taking them for, or what type of antibiotics they should be taking.

See your doctor always

When you’re going to use antibiotics to cure your urinary tract infection you should always take the advice from your doctor. Only your doctor will now what type of medication you should be taking, and for how long. Your doctor should know your medical history so they will know exactly what exposure the E coli living in your body have had to antibiotics, and also what type they’ve been exposed to.

your immune system

If you’ve taken a lot of antibiotics in the past then your immune system can suffer from this abuse as well. Your friendly bacteria that live in your intestines are important for keeping your immune system running at full speed. Antibiotics kill your friendly, immune boosting bacteria so your immune system becomes weak, and a weak immune system can allow the E coli to easily infect you. Your friendly bacteria also keep the e coli under control, and without them in your intestines the E coli can multiply.

Home remedy for UTI’s

If antibiotics are making your urinary tract infection worse then you still have an option in a UTI home remedy. The best part of this is a home remedy is a lot more successful than antibiotics ever are.

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