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Bloating And A Urinary Tract Infection

Bloating and a urinary tract infection are not two things that usually go together. Bloating is associated with your intestines while a UTI is associated with your urinary tract. If you’re suffering from body of these then they are not related. What you must do is make sure that all your diagnosis is correct. Or it could be that you’re treating your UTI with antibiotics, and you’ve caused an internal yeast infection. So you’ll need to look at how you’re treating your bladder infection, and then look at how you need to treat your intestinal fungal infection.

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Yeast infections

Bloating is a common symptom with a yeast infection, so you must make sure that you do actually have a urinary tract infection before you start treating yourself for one. If you do have a yeast infection and you start taking antibiotics to cure a UTI then all you will do is make your Candida overgrowth worse.

Antibiotics use

If you do suffer from a UTI and you are suffering from bloating as well then you probably have fungal overgrowth in your intestines. If you’ve treated yourself for a UTI with antibiotics in the past then this could have caused the bloating in your intestines. So you need to treat your UTI before you can start treating your Candida infection.

Antibiotics kill off your friendly bacteria, and they are in your body protecting you from internal infections such as fungal infections. When these bacteria have been killed the Candida yeast grows in numbers, and then it mutates into a fungus, and this is what is causing your bloating.

Natural UTI Cure

You do have another option to treat your bloating and urinary tract infection, and that’s with a natural treatment. If you treat your bladder infection naturally you won’t upset the bacterial balance in your intestines any more, and this will make it easier to treat the bloating afterwards.

A natural UTI cure has no effect on your body’s health and you’ll also be cured in 12 hours as opposed to days while taking antibiotics. A natural treatment flushes the E coli out of your urinary tract instead of just killing it.

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