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Can Antibiotics Make Your Urinary Tract Infection Worse

Can antibiotics make your urinary tract infection worse? Antibiotics are prescribed for all urinary tract infections, but for some sufferers this form of treatment can make the infection worse. Anti bacterial drugs are very powerful, and should only be used under the supervision of your doctor or health practitioner. A lot of women just purchase any antibiotics online and have no idea how many to take, what strength to take and how long to take them. This is one of the biggest reasons why antibiotics make UTI’s worse.

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Your bacterial balance

Your body has a natural defense against infections, and that is your healthy population of friendly bacteria. Antibiotics use kills all of your friendly and upsets your body’s natural bacterial balance. This allows the E coli bacterium easier access to your urinary tract, and leaves your body open to chronic UTI’s. Yeast infection are also on the rise because of antibiotics use.

Your immune system

Your body also relies on a healthy immune system top keep infections away, and antibiotics use can weaken your immunity to infections. Your body begins to rely on antibiotics if you’ve used them a lot because it learns that their is a course coming if you’re suffering from an infection. So in the end it gives up fighting any infections itself, and naturally waits for a course of pills

Resistant E coli

If you expose the E coli in your body ( it lives in all of us naturally ) too much to antibiotics it eventually becomes resistant, and then they no longer have any effect except making your infection worse.

What else you can use to treat your UTI

The good news for you is the human body doesn’t need antibiotics to cure a UTI. You can easily flush the E coli from your urinary tract without any drugs or medicines. All you have to do is create an environment in your urinary tract that the E coli can’t stand living in, and then you can flush it out of your body.

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