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Can You Cure A Urinary Tract Infection Without Antibiotics

Do you need antibiotics to cure a urinary tract infection? The good news is, no you don’t. Many women now look for alternatives to antibiotics because the human body doesn’t need any drugs to cure an infection of the urinary tract. The only exception to this is, you will need them if your UTI has infected your kidneys, in which case it is advisable to speak to your doctor as soon as possible.

Why women avoid antibiotics

More women now avoid antibiotics when it’s possible to do so because of the affect these anti bacterial drugs have on their health. Antibiotics are now the biggest cause of chronic yeast infections, and suffering from a yeast infections straight after a urinary tract infection is not a good time in anyone’s life.

The time it takes to cure your UTI

Most women now want to cure their UTI in the shortest time possible, and natural UTI treatments are the fastest you can get. A natural treatment will cure your infection in 12 hours compared to a week of antibiotics.

Success rates of treatments

50% of women will go on to need a second course of antibiotics because the strain of bacteria that has infected them is resistant to the drug. A natural UTI cure will cure the infection first time in over 98% of cases. This excellent success rate comes form the fact that a natural cure doesn’t kill the bacteria. It creates an environment in the urinary tract that prevents the bacteria from attaching itself to the walls of the urinary tract so then all you need to do is flush the bacteria out.

Your health benefits from this, and you have no chance of creating a drug resistant bacteria.

12 hour natural UTI treatment

Mary Jo Barton is a UTI specialist that has created the 12 hour UTI natural cure. Mary has helped tens of thousands of urinary tract infection sufferers worldwide cure their infections without the need of any drugs.

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