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UTI Home Remedy

A UTI home remedy is just what you need if the antibiotics you’ve ben taking haven’t cured your infection. Millions of women take antibiotics every year for their urinary tract infection. 50% of them need a second course to cure their infection, and some women have to turn to a urinary tract infection home remedy [...]

Natural Cures For Urinary Tract Infections

Natural cures for urinary tract infections are now being used by more women all the time. The usual prescription of antibiotics is causing so many yeast infections that women now want to avoid them, and also build their immunity against more bladder infections. The cost of antibiotics is a problem for a lot of sufferers [...]

Can You Cure A Urinary Tract Infection Without Antibiotics

Do you need antibiotics to cure a urinary tract infection? The good news is, no you don’t. Many women now look for alternatives to antibiotics because the human body doesn’t need any drugs to cure an infection of the urinary tract. The only exception to this is, you will need them if your UTI has [...]

UTI That Won’t Go Away With Antibiotics

If you’re suffering from a UTI that won’t go away with antibiotics there is a reason for this problem, and it can be easily rectified. If you are struggling to cure your UTi then you can use a natural cure that will have your urinary tract infection fully cured in 12 hours, and you can [...]

Can You Treat A UTI Without Antibiotics

Can you treat a UTI without antibiotics? Yes you can, and the good news is, curing your urinary tract infection without the use of any drugs is a lot more beneficial for your overall health. More women are turning to natural/home cures for their UTI because they… Cure their UTI in less than a day [...]

How Long Will It Take For My UTI To Go Away

If you’re asking, how long will it take my UTI to go away? The good news is you can be symptom free by this time tomorrow. That is providing you treat your urinary tract infection naturally, and not with immune suppressing antibiotics. Mary Jo Barton’s natural UTI treatment Mary Jo Barton has created a 12 [...]

My UTI Won’t Go Away – Can I Stop Taking My Antibiotics

My UTI won’t go away, can I stop my antibiotics? This is a question I’ve received from someone who is now suffering from chronic urinary tract infections. Your course of antibiotics When you start a course of antibiotics it’s very important that you finish the course. Not finishing the course can lead to more bacterial [...]

Grapefruit Seed Extract As A Cure For Urinary Tract Infections

A lot of people ask, is it ok to use grapefruit seed extract as a cure for Urinary tract infections? What is grapefruit seed extract Grapefruit seed extract is a natural anti bacterial product that is easily bought on the internet or from a health food store. It is good for killing the E coli [...]

Can Antibiotics Make Your Urinary Tract Infection Worse

Can antibiotics make your urinary tract infection worse? Antibiotics are prescribed for all urinary tract infections, but for some sufferers this form of treatment can make the infection worse. Anti bacterial drugs are very powerful, and should only be used under the supervision of your doctor or health practitioner. A lot of women just purchase [...]

Natural Cure For Urinary Tract Infections

A natural cure for urinary tract infections are becoming more popular among women because more bladder infections are now becoming resistant to antibiotics. And more women now want to avoid antibiotics because of the bad effect they are having on their good health. You can start curing your UTI naturally within the hour if you [...]