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Chronic Urinary Tract Infections

Chronic urinary tract infections are becoming more popular every year. A chronic UTI is a repeated or prolonged infection of the bladder or lower urinary tract.

If you feel you’re suffering from chronic urinary tract infections because the antibiotics you’re taking are having no effect, you can treat your infection withotu them. You can cure your UTi in 12 hours with the help of Mary Jo Barton at 12 Hour UTI Remedy. There you’ll learn how to cure your infection and make sure you never suffer from one again.


Although antibiotics are the first cure your doctor will prescribe you they can be responsible for future infections. Taking the full prescribed course is important so you don’t create any resistant bacteria. The bacteria can also build up a resistance even if you do finish the course, and this can happen with prescriptions for other types of infections.

Many courses of antibiotics over a period of time will make the bacteria in your body build up a resistance. This will not only lead to recurrent UTIs but other types of bacterial infections such as yeast infections and strep throat.

Vesicoureteral Reflux in young girls

Vesicoureteral reflux is a urinary tract abnormality that can cause chronic urinary tract infections in young girls. This is a condition that needs to be evaluated by a doctor.

Poor hygiene

Poor hygiene can also cause recurrent urinary tract infections. Because the rectum is so close to the urethra it’s important that the area of skin in between stays clean all the time.

Kidney stones

An obstruction in the urinary tract such as kidney stones can cause chronic UTIs.

Get the right help

If you’re suffering from chronic urinary tract infections it’s best to get help from an expet. Mary Jo Barton has been helping sufferers of recurrent UTI’s for a long time, and she can start helping you in teh next 20 minutes.

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Bloating and urinary tract infection.

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