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Cystitis Home Remedy

Many women are now turning to curing their UTI with a cystitis home remedy. Bacterial infections are on the increase in men and women because of the widespread use of antibiotics. Antibiotics are the first thing your doctor will prescribe for a urinary tract infection, and if they don’t cure the infection first time you will just be prescribed a stronger dose.

Antibiotics can increase the risk of other infections

A course of antibiotics that has been prescribed for one bacterial infection can leave your body open to other infections. Many women who take antibiotics usually end up with a yeast infection or a strep throat afterwards. This is because the antibiotics that have killed the bacteria causing the original infection also kill your body’s natural beneficial bacteria.

Your beneficial bacteria

Your body’s beneficial bacteria are there to fight off the bacteria that cause infections like urinary tract infections, yeast infections and other types of bacterial infection.

It’s not the same for everyone

Many people take a course of antibiotics, and then continue their life as normal. Problems arise more often when you have taken antibiotics in the past for other infections, and then you get another prescription for another course for something else. The bacteria living in your body slowly builds up a resistance, and your future infections become harder to cure. This leads to taking more antibiotics that can end up making things worse.

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