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Do UTI’s Cause Bloating

If you think your UTI is causing bloating then you have a chance that you either: Aren’t suffering from a urinary tract infection; You’re also suffering from an intestinal yeast infection. Yeast infection are common among women that are suffering from a UTI because antibiotics cause yeast infections.

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See your doctor first

If you’re not sure what infection you’re suffering from then now is a good time to book an appointment with your doctor. Treating the wrong infection will just mean the real infection is getting worse, and that could lead to complications later.

Your antibiotics for UTI

If you definitely know you are suffering from a urinary tract infection, and you’re now suffering from bloating then you could also be suffering from an intestinal yeast infection. The E coli bacteria only infects your urinary tract so it won’t cause bloating as we all have E coli living naturally in our bowels. This means the bloating is being caused by something else.

If you’ve been using antibiotics to cure your urinary tract infection then there’s a chance you could now have intestinal yeast because antibiotics are the biggest cause of yeast infections. Antibiotics upset the natural bacterial flora in your intestines, and your digestive tract becomes a good environment for the Candida Albicans yeast to mutate into a fungus. The mutated yeast is what causes the bloating as the mutated yeast is a gas forming fungus.

What you need to do now

To start treating your intestinal yeast infection you need to stop taking the antibiotics, but don’t do this before you have finished the course you are currently taking. Stopping a course of antibiotics before you have finished them will create all kinds of resistant bacteria in your body.

If the antibiotics haven’t cured your UTI on the first attempt, and you’re still using them then the E coli and the Yeast are going to become resistant to them. And while you’re taking the antibiotics for your UTI it’s impossible to cure your internal yeast infection. The antibiotics will just cause the yeast to continue mutating into a super yeast that will become harder to rid your body of.

Home remedy for your UTI

If you use a home remedy to cure your UTI you can start curing your yeast infection immediately. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is, a home remedy for urinary tract infections doesn’t affect the chemical or bacterial balance of your body like antibiotics do so the two treatments won’t clash. The second reason is a home cure will give you relief from your urinary tract infection cured in 12 hours so then you’re free to cure your intestinal yeast infection.

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