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Do You Need To Take Antibiotics For A UTI

Do you need to take antibiotics for a UTI? If you’ve been struggling with antibiotics or simply can’t afford them, then the good news is, you don’t need them to cure your urinary tract infection. Many women like yourself are looking for alternative ways of curing their bladder infection, some women can’t afford them, and most now want to cure their infection without causing another one afterwards.

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Why women like to avoid antibiotics

Antibiotic are great at killing bacteria providing they are used correctly, and they aren’t used too often. What antibiotics also do is kill off the friendly bacteria that you have living in your body, and for a lot of women this causes fungal overgrowth. So more women now are curing their UTI with antibiotics only to start suffering from a yeast infection after their treatment has stopped. An alternative remedy won’t have this effect on the human body.

The time it takes to cure your UTI

When you’re suffering from burning urination you want your infection cured in the quickest time possible. Antibiotics can take days to cure your infection, and for some women this can go into weeks depending on what type of antibiotic they need, and how many courses it takes to treat their infection.

Success rates of treatments

When you take antibiotics to cure a UTI, in 50% of infections a second course of treatment is required. And then some women will need another course after that. When you use a natural cure it will work almost all of the time. The advantage with a natural UTI cure is, you don’t need to kill the bacteria, you just flush it out of your urinary tract.

Once the bacteria has been flushed out then the infection is gone.

12 hour natural UTI treatment

Mary Jo Barton has created the 12 Hour UTI cure that has been used successfully by thousands of women. It will save you money, and you’ll also learn how to strengthen your immunity so you don’t suffer from any more bladder infections.

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